DRUN main features

Optimized route

  • Optimized delivery route generated by optimization module
  • Optimized delivery efficiency

Live Montoring

  • Record driver geolocation, montoring delivery status using map view
  • Enhanced management

Address Cleaning

  • System will check and suggest on the uploaded addresses, and make it machine recognizable
  • Reduced failure rate

Other features

  • DRUN consist of many other features
  • Including case management, label generation, company internal acount management service, analysis for your delivery tasks etc.

DRUN provides the following services:

Case upload, address validation, case management, label generation etc.

Driver mobile app (route automization, driving assistance, communication system, signiture, payment etc.)

Client mobile webpage (checking delivery status and ransaction records, signiture etc.)

Live map view for checking all driver's delivery status

Alipay payment is supported

Company internal acount management service

Analysis for your delivery tasks

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